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(Last Update: 10-04-2020)

For additions mail to: Yves Winand, Nerenaard 26, 2550 Kontich. – Belgium.

You may send your additional information on a nice stationery item by e-mail to our Chairman.

Postal Stationery collectors Clubs and other interesting sites all over the world

Nederlandse Vereniging van Poststukken- en Poststempelverzamelaars, The Netherlands: Po & Po, website: www.po-en-po.nl
Voorzitter: Peter Poortvliet
Beautiful site with all possible information ; only in Dutch.

Association des Collectionneurs d’Entiers Postaux (Paris) ACEP
Président : Philippe Pignon ;  e-mail : Philippe Pignon

Schweizerischer Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein (SGSSV)
Société Suisse des Collectionneurs d’Entiers Postaux (SSCEP),website: www.ganzsachen.ch
Präsident / Président : Ernst Schätti

United Postal Stationery Society (USA). UPSS
This site is a reflection of the largest society in the World, made by Ross Towle (e‑mail: rosstowle@yahoo.com).
Bimonthly publication: “Postal Stationery”, editor: Wayne Menuz (e‑mail: upss‑ed@pacbell.net)

The Postal Stationery Society (UK)

Berliner Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein von 1901 (BGSV),  (Germany)
Pres.: Franz-Eberhard Krause

Münchner Ganszachen Verein 1902 e.V. (MGSV),  (Germany)

Postal Stationery of Denmark 1871 – 1905 (by Lars Engelbrecht)

Unione Filatelisti Interofili (Italia)
Pres. : Prof.  Franco Giannini

Postal Stationery Society of Australia
Pres.: Ian McMahon

Luxembourg Postal Stationery (by Gary Little)

Enteros Postales Españoles

Postal stationery (Postal Cards, Envelopes and Aerograms) of Cuba, by Robert Littrell.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Aerogramme in EAPC (Germany)

FIP Postal Stationery Commission : Home Page